Hosting your own site at GoDaddy

GoDaddy has many years of hosting experience and they have hosting plans for nearly every possible business and or hobby site. A large number of GoDaddy customers even run their podcasts from a GoDaddy Hosting account. Podcasters need reliable up time on their sites to realize success across the internet.

We GoDaddy uptime guarantees and expertise in running hosting services that excel in performance a new podcaster can be assured that there show will stay up when listeners come to check out their shows rich content.

With thousands of templates available in their managed WordPress sites, a customer will never have to worry about security updates as GoDaddy will keep the site 100% secure.

You can get a 1-year hosting account for $12.00 and that includes a free domain when you use the promo code cjcgncwp1 you can save big if you use multi-year pricing as well when you first sign up.