Hosting your own site at GoDaddy

GoDaddy has many years of hosting experience and they have hosting plans for nearly every possible business and or hobby site. A large number of GoDaddy customers even run their podcasts from a GoDaddy Hosting account. Podcasters need reliable up time on their sites to realize success across the internet.

We GoDaddy uptime guarantees and expertise in running hosting services that excel in performance a new podcaster can be assured that there show will stay up when listeners come to check out their shows rich content.

With thousands of templates available in their managed WordPress sites, a customer will never have to worry about security updates as GoDaddy will keep the site 100% secure.

You can get a 1-year hosting account for $12.00 and that includes a free domain when you use the promo code cjcgncwp1 you can save big if you use multi-year pricing as well when you first sign up.


WordPress Hosting Offer

GoDaddy has really upped their game when it comes to WordPress hosting. They have a bevy of packages available and even offers to run up to 25 sites on a single hosting account No one else offers this level of hosting package at a simply incredible price.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting plans start at $12 dollars a year and include a Free Domain name. Discounts are available for multi-year plans as well that will save you money on out years. Use the following GoDaddy Promo code today to save Big. CJCGNCWP1

Get a Domain or Hosting Account Today

The best deal on the Internet is by far from the team at GoDaddy and these codes will provide the maximum savings offered of any promo code today.  Grab the code and enter it at checkout to guarantee discount lock in.

Save 30%* on all new product purchases covers most products!
Get a .com for .99 cents New or Transfer this is a single use code!
$1.00 a month economy hosting with a FREE Domain $12 for 1st year
$1.00 a month Managed WordPress Hosting 1st Year with FREE Domain $12 for 1st Year

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

GoDaddy has been offering web hosting services for a very long time and has a fantastic Managed WordPress Hosting offering This site is a prime example it runs on a Managed WordPress service by GoDaddy, and I never have to worry, they keep it updated automatically, and it has been a hassle free website.

Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting with GoDaddy

Using the WordPress hosting service from GoDaddy, is simple with one-click WordPress installation, access to a huge number of templates and addon that are all free of charge. An Easy-to-Use cPanel that puts all your account information just a click away. cPanel, allows users to manage their websites and accounts and to put a close eye on the system configuration,

Besides, cPanel and one-click WordPress installation service, GoDaddy offers customers the following features for free a free domain within annual plans. Tons of storage, Adwords Credit, customer service where you get a real person in the United States on the phone in under 2 minutes the two times we called to test customer response time. GoDaddy grantees 99.9% up time.

GoDaddy has 3 WordPress hosting packages named Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate, so customers can choose to upgrade or downgrade their packages if they need to. No other service provide does a better job!

If you want to get started with GoDaddy today we have a special offer. Get one year of service for a dollar a month. Included is a free domain name and some seriously outstanding service. Use our promo code CJCGNCWP1 In conjunction with our good friends at Geek News Central you can score big savings by using their GoDaddy Promo Codes as well.

GoDaddy Promo Codes for January

The team over at Geek News Central have consistently had the very best GoDaddy Promo Codes for the past 10 years. Always providing great offers and discounts on hosting account, domain names and even huge discounts on a variety of services over their.. If you want to save at GoDaddy you need to start there and lock in huge savings.. There are a lot of sites that try to put together offers but their team seems to find the best discounts codes that work.

GoDaddy Deals for the New Year

With 2016 fast approaching it is time to set some New Years resolutions and think about how you are going to improve your business or maybe even start a blog or podcast.. This is the time to do it with the New Year GoDaddy Deals.

Hosting accounts start at $1.00 a month for 12 months and include a free domain. Thinking of a server or maybe a service related item. Well they are offering savings up to 30% off on new purchases.

2016 New Year Discount Offers
30% Off New Products
.99 cent .com
$1.00 Economy Hosting
$1.00 Managed WordPress.

See why more businesses are now choosing GoDaddy to build out their product offerings.

$1.00 Deals at GoDaddy

Very incredible that you can get a dollar deal at GoDaddy. Every month we we work with the GoDaddy team to package up the best deals. This month is no different. What we have come up for you is a great way to save a box full of cash..

Lets stared with a Managed WordPress hosting account. This account is designed for someone that does not want any hassle but wants a super powerful and secure WordPress site. We have battle tested the GoDaddy WordPress Hosting and thrown incredible amount of traffic at it.. Their are a variety of packages. We can get you started today at $1.00 per month for the first year, and we are going to throw in a free domain name.. So for just a little more than the regular price of a new domain you are getting a Managed WordPress site plus the free domain.. This is simply a great deal. Use the Promo Codd CJCGNCWP1 at checkout or click on the link to get the special pricing.

The second deal we have this month is standard web hosting. This account gives you huge potential as you can install a myriad of click and play appliations. Want to start a small/large commerce site. Have freedom in running a variety of applications this is the plan for you. I love the standard web hosting as you have greater diversity in what you can install and have powering your website. For a $1.00 a month once again for the first year lock in this pricing by using the promo code: CJCGNC1HS

We have a large assortment of codes with our partner site so be sure to check out the other GoDaddy Promo Codes at our partner site.

$1.00 GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy in celebration of their IPO has unleashed some of the most incredible deals ever seen the hosting space. At the same time they have introduced a flagship product called web site builder that allow anyone to launch a website with absolutely no experience. They walk you through the process of setting up your website, adding commerce, getting personalized email running and even providing your a outlook email account that is setup with just a couple clicks.

This product is allowing business owners to get up and running fast and allows for an incredible amount of design flexibility to allow a business to get going quick. So GoDaddy has two great deals as part of their IPO celebration..

The 1st one is Website Builder for $1.00 per month for the first 12 months. You get a FREE domain with the service and the Outlook email address. So for just $12.00 for the first year you are up and running. Click This Link to lock in the price or use the Promo Code: cjcgncgot at checkout.

The 2nd deal is for standard Web hosting. It includes all the modules list WordPress, Shopping cart etc to allow you to roll out your own blog or website in a hurry. For a $1.00 per month for 12 months with a Free domain just like offer #1 your up and running fast. Use the GoDaddy Promo Code: cjcgnc1hs to lock in that savings.

Launched a new website and saved 30%

In the past month I have been launching websites for 30% off at GoDaddy, and with their low hosting prices I can afford to let me creative juices flow.

If you want to launch a new site for you company all you need to do is pick up a hosting account with a 32% discount and your good to go.. Get a hosting account today to get started saving 30% by using the GoDaddy Promo code cjcgnc30

My Video Site Blog thanks to GoDaddy coupon go25off5

GoDaddy coupon code go25off5 is a fantastic coupon because it gets you a hosting account for 25% off. GoDaddy coupon code go25off5 is a wonderful coupon because it gets you a hosting account for 25% off.

I have been producing videos on a weekly basis for nearly 7 years. I have been fortunate enough to have great gear that allows me to not spend a lot of time producing. But most importantly I have been able to utilize a wordpress theme that has displayed all of my videos sequentially. It’s almost like having a video blog that is similar to some of the major sites out there.

The biggest challenge has been getting exposure to the videos from production companies and those folks wanting to build brand awareness. Brand awareness today is very important to be heard above the noise and in a way that you get traction to your video content. Playback speed is also very important because they viewer has to be able to have a good experience when they are watching your content.

Luckily feedback is the easiest thing to accomplish these days are there are so many avenues to get feedback from the audience member. Whether they call you, write your, email or tweet. The feedback can help develop the video site you need.

That is my “Video Site” blog thanks to:

Start your own blog and do it for less. When you click GoDaddy coupon code go25off5, it will save you 25% off on your hosting account.